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Your Body is Your Gem: Ep. 7. Al-Natural with Mel

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Aditi Gupta : Making a Stigma Stylish

Gem of the Week 05/17/17 When menstruation still stands as a taboo subject in many homes it takes a little creativity to impart the knowledge and education girls need....

The PLAN for period Emojis

“Emoji might seem like a trivial thing, but giving women and particularly girls a new way to talk about their periods is a big step towards breaking the wall of...

Holly Sanchez: Seeing a gap, filling it well!

Gem Of The Week 5/03/17 Sometimes a tweet can start a movement. Holly Sanchez, after recognizing the heartbreaking realities of homelessness in her current city of...

Liita Iyaloo Cairney

Sometimes one project leads to another. That’s exactly what happened for PHd candidate and innovator Liita Iyaloo Cairney. While visiting her home country of...