Fertility and Endometriosis


Women, they say have mother’s instincts, may it be raising pets and more importantly raising kids. But how does endometriosis affect the possibility of having a baby? Wendy Henderson from endometriosisnews.com tells us in her article:


June 2, 2017. According to her article, Endometriosis New Zealand has found that women with both mild and severe cases of endometriosis may have fertility issues. Statistics show that estimated 30-40% of women with endometriosis will experience fertility problems. Many of them trying to have children earlier being at their optimal time in their 20s.


Fertility issues are very stressful to women and their partners who wish to start a family. It affects their mindsets, finances and causes them frustration. There are many other issues that affect fertility aside from endometriosis and it is advised that women undergo further tests in order for these to be properly addressed.


Fertility treatments can be very successful but couples may also be advised to change their lifestyle to increase the chances of success. This involves maintaining a healthy weight, and quitting smoking among others. Other factors such as sperm quality and the woman’s age is also among deciding factors.


Endometriosis removal surgeries may increase chances of pregnancy by approximately 40%. However, they are advised to conceive within the first 6 to 12 months after the procedure. Some also choose to undergo In-Vitro fertilization procedures.


BUPeriod was created for women by women who understands the pain and discomfort caused by issues such as endometriosis. That is why we would like to spread awareness so that we may be able to help women who experience this problem. It is our vision that someday, we will be able to help everyone understand and address the struggles of menstrual pain, endometriosis and other issues.

By: Marijun Jam Villarino Sy

Chief Finance Officer BUPeriod


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