Lorrie King : They Call Her The Stigma Stopper


Gem of the Week 05/24/17

She has been working in the field of public health for over 20 years and Lorrie King doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon in her pursuit to end the stigma around menstruation for girls all around the world.

CNN.com reported on her incredible work when she was honored as one of their 10 Visionary Women: To tackle the problem, King formed the Atlanta-based nonprofit 50 Cents. Period. Though its focus is global, the organization also partners with immigration and refugee service providers in its hometown to deliver classes about menstruation hygiene, reproductive health and family planning.

“It’s complicated and sad, King admits, but it starts with a conversation. “There’s such a culture of silence around this issue,” she said. “Some of these women have been waiting months, even years, to ask these questions.”

We are so glad to have badass women like Lorrie on the front lines to end the stigma around menstruation.  We celebrate Laurie as our Gem Of The Week!

By: Rachel Cargle

Social Media Manager BUPeriod


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