Tampon Run!


What do you get when you mix a couple of empowered girls with massive innovation and an interest in coding?  A little something called Tampon Run and it’s AMAZING!

Sophie Hauser and Andrea Gonzalez of New York City met during a summer program of the non-profit education organization Girls Who Code. They were tasked with a final project which produced Tampon Run; the interactive video game where the the girl character throws tampons to destroy her enemies, who will confiscate the tampons if she lets them pass by! Love it!

In a recent interview with PRI.org Sophie shared the inspiration behind such a game. “Andy and I both wanted to make a game with a social message for our final Girls Who Code project, so we teamed up. She originally wanted to make a game that targeted the hypersexualization of women in games. But while brainstorming I jokingly suggested we make a game where someone throws tampons. That spurred a conversation about our own experiences with the menstrual taboo. We also did some research and learned that the menstrual taboo is a much more serious issue in other parts of the world. At that point, we knew we had to make the game.”

With this game the girls hae built an incedible platform to hold conversations around menstruation stigma as well as other feminist topics such as catcalling. They have been featured in publications such as Teen Vogue and been invited to share a Ted Talk around their creation and the activism behind it.
You can learn more at TamponRun.com

By: Rachel Cargle

Social Media Manager BUPeriod


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