Aditi Gupta : Making a Stigma Stylish


Gem of the Week 05/17/17

When menstruation still stands as a taboo subject in many homes it takes a little creativity to impart the knowledge and education girls need.

With much research and OB/GYN consultation, Aditi Gupta developed the fun and informative Menstrupdia Comic book where her characters dive into the real life sitations that arise when a girl starts her period including things like cramps and occasional period stains on our clothing and underwear.

It was her own experiences of shame and confusion that prompted Gupta to develop something that would give girls an understanding around their bodies and what was happening each month.

In an interview with, Aditi says  “After my periods would get over, I had to wash the bed sheet, whether it was stained or not. In short, I was treated as impure or polluted. I was expected to have become ‘pure’ only after the seventh day when I had taken a bath and washed my hair.”

We are proud of Aditi for being a fun and effective part of the conversation around girls learning what’s natural to their bodies and recognizing how to manage it well. We celebrate Aditi as our Gem Of The Week!

By: Rachel Cargle

Social Media Manager BUPeriod

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