The PLAN for period Emojis

“Emoji might seem like a trivial thing, but giving women and particularly girls a new way to talk about their periods is a big step towards breaking the wall of silence that has long surrounded menstruation.”- Cat Rodie, Sydney Morning Herald
Plan International is on the move with a campaign that will allow millions of women and girls around the world to freely talk about our periods. How, you ask? Through a period Emoji.  Cat Rodie of the Sydney Morning Herald reports June 5, 2017.
This campaign was initiated by Plan International as a result of a recent study that revealed that 90% of girls in Ghana say they are ashamed of their period. While in Ethiopia, 51% of the girls miss up to four days of school a month and in India, only one in every 10 girls have access to sanitary products. It is evident in these statistics that the stigma and shame associated to menstruation is still prevalent in developing nations.
Feminist organizer and writer Karen Pickering tells Rodie that a period emoji is not only logical; it’s exciting.
Pickering said to Rodie in her Sydney Morning Herald article that [sic] “It’s a fact that younger women use emoji as part of their conversational tool box so why not have cute or amusing symbols for another part of their life…Like a lot of women I want ways to talk about my period that normalise it and make it a more comfortable topic for people. It helps to push against the idea that [periods] should be secret.” [sic]
We here at BUPeriod believe that women and girls should have an avenue and a way for us to talk to everyone about our periods comfortably without fear of judgments and misconceptions. The period emoji may be silly to some but it may open doors towards the change on how we talk about our bodies.
Wanna vote for the period emojis that Plan has put forth? Check ‘em out here.
This article was written based on an article by Cat Rodie for the Sydney Morning Herald online, published June 5, 2017. To read the full article, click here

By: Marijun Jam Villarino Sy

Chief Finance Officer BUPeriod

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