Lili Murphy Johnson: Making a stigma Stylish


Gem of the Week 05/10/17

It was Lilli’s final degree project in art school that channeled the genious behind her jewelry line. Since then it’s been making a catalyst for conversation around the stigma of menstruation.

Her jewelry line include parts that represent what she has expressed as the frustrations of menstruation. For example there are necklaces that fall apart when you pick them up and bracelets that you can’t find the clasp to open them.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Johnson says “It can play quite a major part in people’s lives, and because it’s such a regular, normal thing, it shouldn’t be hidden and people shouldn’t feel bad or wrong for talking about it – which they do.”

The collection includes a charm bracelet with things like tampon packets, soaps, and towels hanging from it. That’s made from gold plated gilding metal.

A used sanitary pad ring is topped with topaz and rubies, and comes in at £840, while embroidered blood stains are made from beading and textiles, and cost around £150. We are inspired by Lilies beautiful creativity and for seeing the GEM in the natural bodies of women! We celebrate Lili as our Gem Of The Week!

By: Rachel Cargle

Social Media Manager BUPeriod

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