The Unmentionables


By: Rachel Cargle, Social Media Manager BUPeriod

It’s hard to imagine the turmoil that comes with being a refugee. Fleeing the country, you call home and seeking the safety and dignity all humans need in a country that is not your own.


Add on top of that most natural parts of womanhood to include the monthly occurrence of your period.


There are millions of refugee women who must deal with the pain and frustrations of menstruation without the necessary products to ensure them a healthy cycle.


There is a new organization called The Unmentionables is tackling this problem. Their website shares their story of how The Unmentionables was founded in 2016 by two passionate social innovators, educators, and advocates, Megan Beck and Kaleigh Heard.


After recognizing a vital need amongst refugees that was often overlooked, Megan and Kaleigh started The Unmentionables, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing undergarments, intimate and feminine hygiene products, sexual health products and related programming in order to protect and empower global refugee populations with Dignity through Hygiene.


Currently serving two refugee camps in Greece the founders and their team is looking to move into East Africa within the 2017 calendar year.


It is so easy to forget about the struggles of others around the world when it is not directly in our sight the tragedies that are happening.


The Unmentionables and their team are bringing this marginalized group to the forefront and reminding those women that their dignity is valid and their needs deserve to be met.


You can learn more about Megan, Kaleigh and their team at

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