Grace Meng: Shouting from capitol hill that menstruation matters


Gem of the Week 3/22/17

There is a thing out there called the “menstruation equalty act”. As absurd as that sounds what is even crazier is that because our government categorizes pads and tampons as a luxury we have to fight for these items to be accessible to the women who cannot afford them.

Grace Meng is on the front lines. She is the one who introduced the Menstruation Equality Act. In a recent interview with Marie Claire magazine Meng described it as the fight against “period-shaming” and claims the laws in our country encourage women to feel shame about their periods. Her solution is to introduce more laws to help normalize the reality of this bodily function and provide feminine hygiene products for the needy, poor and imprisoned.

We stand behind her today as our Gem Of The Week!

By: Rachel Cargle

Social Media Manager BUPeriod

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