Cara Parker: Her story of irregular periods and her new found appreciation for the glorious female body


Cara Parker shares her stories of irregular periods and her new found appreciation for the glorious female body

By: Rachel Cargle, Social Media Manager BUPeriod

I started my period at age 13. It was a little bit scary and overwhelming, but overall a cool experience. Two of my other friends started their periods around the same time so we were able to share the experience with each other.


As I developed, my flow was the same (light and irregular), but I developed cramps my first year in college. I was pretty unhappy with that development, because my cramps were quite painful and sometimes lead to me needing to skip academic classes or campus activities because it was too painful to get up and move around. After college, the cramps were much less painful.


I’m currently facing the issue of the re-appearance of an irregular flow (I’m now off birth control) and painful cramps. My first month of a returning period and cramps had me considering finding another method of birth control to use.


My process to rid myself of the issues in the past have been heating pads, pain killers, physical activity and birth control. Out of all of the before mention, birth control worked the best to remedy my issues.


I’ve not yet come across any successful natural remedies, but I am definitely in search of them! I would prefer a natural remedy over returning to birth control.


Appreciating that my body was built to develop and birth a human being has allowed me to gather a slight acceptance for the issues. It definitely gave me a great respect for those who are pregnant and the child birthing process.


I would tell other girls that they are not alone, it is not fun, and there are ways to remedy the issue. Everyone’s body is different so one person’s remedy may not be yours. It is a great idea to speak with your physician or gynecologist, they may have an option that you were not aware of to assist with your issue.


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