Beauty Tips by Tasha- Coconut Water “Style Setter”


Coconut Water “Style Setter”- My featured product of the month. This product is super hydrating.

The tropical butters and oils that’s infused in this product deeply penetrate and provide maximum moisture and shine.

The Coconut Water ” Style Setter” can be used alone for simple wash and go, or combined with last month featured product “The Curl Maker”. Two main ingredients in this product have so many health benefits for the hair and skin. Coconut Water contains vitamin A, C, protein, Iron and Calcium, making it a complete nutrient package for the body. The Aloe leaf promotes hair growth, maintain the ph. balance and conditions of the hair. Let’s not forget the packaging: is biodegradable!

Natasha Paul, Owner and Master Stylist

Evolution Green Room

983 Fulton, Street | Brooklyn, NY

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