Unless you take birth control pills, your period won’t be regular,” they said.

By: Tatiana Pelaez Jimenez BA-MSE, Manager of Marketing & Communications BUPeriod

What if it doesn’t come at all? Could you imagine the stress? Luckily, I was not pregnant. But trust me it did give me quite the scare.

I had just graduated and moved to a new country. I worked a couple of part-time jobs, while applying to others to gain financial stability. The stress of bills coming in every month, working hard and managing a new lifestyle was becoming overwhelming. To add to this stressful situation, I had bottled up my emotions, thinking to myself “right now is not a good time to get distracted by what I feel but to focus on what I need to do.” Then suddenly, I realized half of the month had gone by and my period still hadn’t come.

Not having signs of a period a couple of days past the expected period date is not an issue. Everyone says periods are irregular, so I ignored it and continue my job search while juggling my part-times. At that moment, I decided to start looking for a full-time position doing work that I would be passionate about instead of juggling these low-pay, part-time gigs.

I could feel my pressure rising from all these heightened emotions I had bottled up for so long. My partner was worried and so was I, but not because my period was missing. It was due to the fact that my anger and work-related stress had caused me to endure a perpetual state of insomnia.

After having some tea, on the last day of that month, I started thinking back on all the questions most women begin to ask themselves when their period is absent.

I found articles on this topic and ran into an investigation that showed the relation between jobs stress and the menstrual cycle length, its regularity and synchronization among coworkers.  There was an analysis explaining how increasing anxiety and stress levels when living with a partner can cause a period’s start date to vary.

I kept on reading these articles regularly. The more I read, the more it confirmed my theory that stress had fluctuated my cycle, even to the point of taking it away for an entire month. I immediately scheduled an appointment with my doctor to talk about this issue. I even tried -to the best of my ability- to relax my mind and slow down my crazy pursuits. It was important for me to get back to a well-balanced lifestyle finding time to myself every day.

And guess what? My period came back regularly every month once I started taking better care of myself.


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