Fem Project: Two Women Doing Their Part to Address Women’s Needs in LA


By: Rachel Cargle, Social Media Manager BUPeriod

There are some things we often take for granted. A warm bed, a morning meal, and perhaps without noticing, we take for granted our access to the feminine hygiene products we depend on each month.


But for the homeless population of women, monthly menstruation can be a recurring tragedy when it come up each month.  Grace Westlin and Isabel Fields of Los Angeles recognized this and therein was born FEM Project! Their mission? To destigmatize the period and empower women to own their femininity by providing menstrual supplies to homeless women.


“48,874 homeless reside in the greater Los Angeles area,’ the pem project website reports “and for the thousands of homeless women, the few days a month where women should be embracing their femininity can be their hardest; a year’s supply of tampons costs approximately $70 and without sanitary products, women risk infection as well as discomfort.”

In 2016 Grace and Isabel decided to do something about it. They held a drive hich they tited Feminine Every Month where they raised over 3,000 pads, tampons, and diva cups over the course of five days. That incredible success led to a partnership with Downtown Women’s Center— “the only organization in Los Angeles exclusively dedicated to addressing the needs of women overcoming poverty and homelessness in Skid Row,”– pledging to sponsor 25 women for six months. That’s 2,4000 pads and tampons!


These women sparked a wave of conversation and commitment from other women across the globe to donate and participate in making sure that more women get the items that we so often take for granted in order to feel secure each month during our periods.


To learn more about the incredible work that Grace and Isabel are doing with Fem Project you can head over to femproject.com.  You can also follow their instagram feed over at @femproject.

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