A TALE OF TWO MIRACLES: How a woman and her journey of faith and will power brought life over death


“I was in so much pain; I literally slept in a tub at night for comfort…”

By Vanessa Siverls, FoundHer & CEO, BUPeriod

Miracle 1

“You will not be able to get pregnant” …I looked at my husband, my husband looked at me and we said, “thank you doctor”. I was pregnant with my first child within 6 months. “you will have to abort your child, your child will not survive in your uterus with your fibroids” …I looked at my husband, my husband looked at me and we said, “thank you doctor”. The following 35 weeks consisted of eating mostly fruit and tub sleepovers, I literally slept in the tub at night for comfort. At week 35, I gave birth to my daughter, my first child. The pain was imaginable, but God.

Miracle 2

“Your uterus is in no condition for children. Your fibroids are tangled around your organs and the myomectomy surgery left numerous scars. We suggest you get an abortion and full hysterectomy”

…I looked at my husband, my husband looked at me and we said, “thank you doctor”. The following 36 weeks consisted of only drinking water and eating salad, mostly kale. At week 36, I gave birth to a beautiful 7lb 9oz baby boy, my second child. The odds were against me, and yet I got the perfect duo because… but God.

When you have a conviction in your heart that your faith will carry you through, you lean on your faith. Maisha Glover credits “will power” and the promises that God will give you the desires of your heart. She is currently curating a book named But God, which chronicles her journey of independence, marriage, discouragement, support, surprises, pain, pleasure, persistence and most importantly God’s love and promises for her and her family.

Maisha’s husband was a major life source for her journey. His support was overwhelming and they became one and conquered together.

Ladies, only when there is two-way communication can we have the conversation that needs to be had… which will lead to support that needs to be given… so that we can conquer and regain power over our bodies that needs to be done. Period.

One woman’s journey can represent thousands of other women’s UNHEARD journeys. Let’s keep the conversations rolling and the communication flowing…literally. Use your voice until you ARE heard.

“be you. period. your body is your gem.”

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Note 2: Ladies, if you have further questions for Maisha about her story, please contact her at Maishayscott@aol.com

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