Pulling the plug: A woman and her quest to shrink uterine fibroids naturally


“My surgery was for 10a.m., I arrived at noon. I cried to my doctor about my fears. I had never had surgery before. My doctor held my hand and prayed with me…”

By: Vanessa Siverls, FoundHer & CEO, BUPeriod

For the sake of privacy, we will refer to the woman in this blog as Brooklyn39. Earlier this week Brooklyn39 felt that something was not right when she went in for her scheduled myomectomy surgery. After she expressed concerns with her doctor, she expressed concerns with her anesthesiologist as they were plugging her in for surgery. The anesthesiologist stopped all procedures when Brooklyn39 said, “I don’t feel ready…but if my doctor feels I am ready when I am asleep, then please proceed”. The doctor came in and took Brooklyn39’s blood pressure…it was through the roof; the surgery did not take place.

Ladies for those of you who are unsure about how to manage Uterine Fibroids, BUPeriod is here to tell   you…it’s okay. Take your time…and most importantly, #useyourvoice

I happen to personally know Brooklyn39. She came to visit me in the hospital when I had my myomectomy surgery a year and a half ago. Brooklyn39 also came to see me during my six-week recovery. I had 22 fibroids removed from my uterus April 2015. I managed these fibroids for 10 years of my life…sometimes in silence, and sometimes by using my voice. If I did not understand a term or a procedure I asked. If something new was happening with my body, I researched. I’ve also cried.

Brooklyn39 has made a decision to commit to a regimen that will focus on her emotional, physical and #spiritualhealth. “I feel like this will be my biggest challenge since I am not in the environment that I want to be in. I know who I am, I absorb other people’s energy and I take on their negativity. I really believe my fibroids got worse from stress and negativity. I think that is where my Fibroids came from.”

Herbs, meditation, and purposeful communication will be factors that Brooklyn39, although has tried in the past, will engaged and fully committed to regimen. “To save my live I have to make some changes…It’s not just going to the gym or eating healthy…I have to remove myself. I have to change my lifestyle. Who I decide to communicate with and who I decide to give my energy to.”

We at BUPeriod, support Brooklyn39 and will continue to be a voice for her.

For further information on uterine fibroids please visit www.thefibroidsproject.com

#BUPeriod #yourbodyisyourgem #gempower

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