Dominique Christina Badass Poet!


 Gem of the Week 2/15/17

Dominique shows us that girls are made of sugar and Cajun hot Jamaican jerk curry chili pepper and halleluiah hot jalapeno SPICE all at once if you mess with our menses or our self-esteem! Period.

In response to a lowlife twitter comment, shared by her teen daughter about women and their periods, Dominique rebutted with The Period Poem and guess what…she dominated. #justbleedboo was the solace and call to emotional action she gives her daughter and those of us who are fortunate enough to receive her words of healing, encouragement & Gempowerment! BUPeriod response to Dominique? Work Work Work Work Work…di diddy diddy..

By Vanessa Siverls

FoundHer & CEO BUPeriod

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