SHE Sustainable Health Enterprises


SHE: or Social Health Enterprises

By: Rachel Cargle, Social Media Manager BUPeriod

The website for SHE, or Social Health Enterprises, hits us with some pretty hard facts: 18% of girls and women in Rwanda miss out on school and work last year because they could not afford to buy menstrual pads.


These types of numbers are being addressed by SHE founder, Elizabeth Sharpf. She and her team have committed to helping women jumpstart social businesses to manufacture and distribute affordable menstrual pads. Coupled with health education and advocacy, girls and women will have even more productive lives than before.

The way they’re doing it? Bananas!


That’s not the answer we expected either but according to Banana farmers in Rwanda throw away tons of trunk fiber every year. The SHE team provides them with equipment and training, so that they can process it and sell it to us. They then take it to their community factory to be cut, carded, washed, fluffed, and solar dried.


WIth this system the women of Rwanda are now able to eliminate much of the waste produced by the banana farmers as well as manufacture the exact products that allow their women and girls to flourish in school and on their jobs.


The incredible work of SHE doesnt stop there either. They take time to go into local village school with health and hygiene education to debunk menstruation myths and encourage a better understanding. This type of good work is going to ripple from generation to generation!
To learn more about the incredible work that Elizabeth and her team are doing you can head over to  You can also follow their instagram feed over at @sheneterprises.

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